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State University of Tetova

The State University of Tetovo is opened to all those who as students, teachers or collaborators, with their intellectual and  moral qualities, in the area of the defined university’s autonomy, as an allegation of the academic freedom of individual expression and as a prove of the skills and qualities, to give their contribution in the development of education, science and professionalism.

This institution is the only public centre in the Albanian language in Macedonia for training, specialization and scientific research. SUT is a member of the European University Association, structured in 11 faculties, 35 study programmes, 93 fields of study and 3 institutes of scientific research.

The academic staff of SUT consists of 271 full professors and 355 associate professors, contracted for one academic year with tendency for progression.

As for the teaching and educational process, the university gives great importance to the implementation of the Bologna reforms in the field of professional and scientific research, even though this component is far from the target of SUT in comparison with developed countries. These researches are realized through bilateral projects with Erasmus, DAAD, Tempus projects for research and development. Relying on the European standards, the academic quality is in constant progression.

Regarding the Bologna card, SUT currently enters in its new phase of development, in the implementation of the Bologna model 3+2+3 or 4+1+3 (Bachelor+Master+PhD). Implementing the new European system of studies, SUT aims to become an integral part of the European universities, the students to gain a more qualitative professional training, and our diplomas to come near to those of the developed countries.

That the diplomas gained from SUT are compatible with the diplomas of the Western Universities, is ascertained by the students who after their graduation get employed, or continue their postgraduate studies in universities abroad.

The next period will be the outset of:

  • The University Campus (in which all the faculties will be in one area). Within the campus there will be: a building for the accommodation of undergraduate students, master students, doctoral students, visiting professors and other guests. Students’ dorm, canteen, sports arena, university library, contemporary IT centre, and building laboratories.
  • The implementation of Credit Transfer and Accumulation System – ECTS – as a credit accumulation system and as a credit transfer system.
  • A predominant element in the implementation of the ECTS will be the mobility of students in order to have a chance to deepen their knowledge in universities that are undersigned in the Magna Carta.
  • The internationalization and integration of the University in all the university forums of Europe. In this context, the cooperation with the universities in the region and beyond has tripled.
  • The advancement of the scientific research work despite the academic one, will give an effort to the new dimension in the academic process that takes place in the university.
  • The development of E-learning – learning via the internet and eAudiobooks, will increase the quality of teaching and learning.
  • The use of audio visual devices in the implementation of the method of distance learning, in order for the students to attend lectures from distance.
  • The completion of academic facilities and supplying the laboratories with the most modern equipment.
  • The development and realization of numerous projects within the institutes that are an integral part of the university such as, The Institute of Ecology and Technology, The Institute of Albanian Language and Culture ‘Josif Bageri’, etc.
  • Association with European education and research programmes (TEMPUS, DAAD, USAID, SOROS, NATO, EU, embassies of different countries) are the priorities outlined in the strategic plan of the university

Dispersing the study programmes in other cities, a process which will be compatible with the high school profiles, with the sole purpose that the studies be nearer to the students.

The work and the level of achievements makes us be proud and at the same time vigilant in undertaking activities that will lead the university towards contemporary academic institutions. The Rectorate and the academic staff, first of all, bear historical responsibility for creating new systems of values, especially in education, science and culture which represent pillars of development and prosperity to future generations.

In a word, the quality of SUT will move towards the development of an effective system of higher education, which will advance the university to the contemporary academic institutions and will contribute in the fulfillment of the sacred mission in forming qualitative staff, and be promoter of changes in the country and abroad.

The goals of the University

The tendency of the university to be nearer the students, resulted in the decision that the study programs be dispersed in some cities in the Republic of Macedonia. Today the teaching process is realized in 10 buildings in: Gostivar, Skopje, Kumanovo, Debar and Struga. 
The number of students is in constantly increased, nowadays in SUT there are 13.000 active students. The number of students of different ethnicity is increased, if before 3 years there were dozens of students, today there are hundreds. Being accurate, the number of students with different ethnic backgrounds is 10% from the overall number of students. 

SUT aims to be a university for all the citizens of Macedonia, therefore it is open for all the students who wish to study, regardless of their nationality, religion, etc. The number of students that enroll in the SUT is in progressive increase. In comparison with the number of students enrolled in the other universities in the country, the number of the new students in SUT is increased for 30%. This can be taken as an indicator that SUT is developing in the right direction and with secure steps towards the family of European universities.

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