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Gymnasium Kiril Pejcinovic

The gymnasium of Tetovo has a very long history. It started in 1910. From 1912 to 1929 the teaching and learning process was conducted in Serbo-Croatian language with some impediments due to the Balkan War and to the First World War. From the school year 1929/1930 to 1939/1940, the learning process was continuous. At that time the name of the school was The Real State Gymnasium in Tetovo.

But, the education in the gymnasium was only for a limited number of students from wealthy families from the town and the villages nearby.

During the Second World War, starting from February 17th 1941, the teaching process was conducted in Albanian, and the gymnasium was named ‘Hasan Tahsini’, with the first principal Mr. Kel Gashi. This lasted till November 1944.

After the antifascist war, the gymnasium began working on the 27th February 1945. The decision was brought in the meeting of ASNOM (Anti-fascist assembly for the national liberation of Macedonia) on 3rd November 1944.

In the school year 1945/1946, there were 277 students enrolled in 8 classes. The teaching process was realized by 11 teachers and the principal was Jovan Mojsov.

The first generation of graduates numerated 13 students in the school year 1946/1947. Every year the number of graduates increases which is an indicator that there is a huge interest for this high school. It should be mentioned that 96% of the teachers who are part of the academic staff, were also students of this school. Gymnasium of Tetovo was and will be the main source of qualitative personnel in humanities, economical and other disciplines.

The gymnasium had these lines of study: general, mathematics and natural science, foreign languages, as well as pedagogical, informatics and mathematics, mining and metallurgy, and chemistry and technology.

In the school year 1982/1983 the concept of an academically oriented secondary education was realized which lasted till 1991/1992. But, from the school year 1992/1993 it was again implemented the concept of the gymnasium as a general secondary education. The successes of the gymnasium increase steadily, and along with that, the number of the students as well.  



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