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Primary School "Liria" ("Freedom")

For the Albanians of this region, the teaching begun during the Second World War and it continued after that.

On the 1st March 1945 the school with the name ‘Liria’ was opened, where the students learned in the old objects of the old medressas. At that time the number of the students was 1085, out of which 579 males and 506 females.

There were 6 teachers: Gani Jahja, Hikmet Kasapi, Ahmet Haxhi Hasani, Burhan Muhedini, Zija Sadikudhe, Hyreme Tresi. The principal was Vehap Kadriu. It is worth mentioning the great contribution of the teachers from Albania: Abedin Faja – Elbasan,  Zija Zendeli – Diber, Polluqi – Elbasan, Hasan Teteli – Korçe.  In the group of these teachers there were two teachers from Tetovo: Vehap Kadriu and Xhevahir Veseli. In the next school years, the number of students was not as stable, but it increased steadily.

Today’s school building was founded in 1948-1949, and the teaching process started on 28.02.1950. There were 22 classes, 1197 students, and 23 teachers.

In the school year 1950-1952, in the school building of ‘Liria’ functioned the first secondary pedagogical school, which later on was transferred to Skopje. In the school year 1958-1959, the government of the time made some reforms and ordered that the Macedonian students learn in that building as well. From then till now the teaching process is held in Albanian and Macedonian. Apart from the standard work, after the Second World War there were organized courses specifically targeted at adults to support reading and literacy.

In the range of successes, it is worth mentioning the activities of the drama group that was awarded many prices during the school year 1959-1960 led by the teacher Seid Musai. Part of this school was the cinema club, which was the only one in the schools in Tetovo. For example, during the school year 1959/1960 there were shown 284 educational films and 35 feature films.

The teachers of this school, together with some volunteers in this building founded the Cultural Arts Association ‘Xheladin Zeqiri’ that acted for four decades raising the cultural values of this region through Albanian songs and dances.

In the school year 2012/2013 in the primary school ‘Liria’ – Tetovo, there are 1068 students, out of which 780 Albanians  and 274 Macedonians, in 24 classes in Albanian, and 16 classes in Macedonian, and two classes for students of special needs.

Today, the school has 74 employees, out of which 64 teachers, 4 administrators (principal, psychologist, pedagogue, and secretary) and 6 site staff.


Address:  Dervish Cara, 6
Phone: 044 335 583

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